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The Idea of a Shop

The Idea of a Shop :: Alaina Ann

The Idea of a Shop :: Alaina Ann

That's right, an Alaina Ann shop is coming your way! Details, plans, what will be sold... basically everything related to the new shop is still in idea mode at this point. Still loads of excitement happening over here, as I navigate this new addition.

A few thoughts rolling around in my mind include:

  1. Everything will be digital, to get started.

  2. Personalized printables.

  3. Turning current printables into forms, allowing for typing before printing.

  4. 2016 planner printable.

Starting small and simple is my goal :) I will be planning over the next few months and baby stepping into an online shop. Pricing will likely be in the $3 to $10 range, depending on the item and number of printable options included. I would LOVE to hear from YOU about the idea of a new shop. What would you like to see included?

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