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Moving west.

Moving west :: Alaina Ann

Moving west :: Alaina Ann

My move to Maryland {four years ago} was always temporary. I stayed a little longer than originally planned, to spend more time with my littlest loves. I'll be back, frequently, to watch them grow in the years ahead. Of course, I will miss Maryland and being so close to family and friends. It has been absolutely wonderful spending time with the people who are near and dear to my heart over the last six weeks. So many BIG hugs, well wishes and, as always, fun times. In 2008, during my first visit to Oregon, I immediately fell in love. Ever since boarding the flight back to Maryland, I decided to one day call the Portland area home. In a few days, nearly a decade later, I will be on my way! To be honest, I'm overwhelmed with excitement. This move has been a LONG time coming and it's hard to believe the time is now. The next chapter of my journey is ready to begin, in a new place. The POD arrives tomorrow. I have four more days to finish packing.