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ilike Organic Skin Care :: Gluten-Free

ilike Skin Care :: Gluten-Free :: Alaina Ann The dry heat in Arizona plus ilike organic skin care left me with the happiest skin I have ever had. Although I no longer use these products, due to a change in my skin since moving back to Maryland, I want to fill you in on the goodness of this brand. The ilike skin care line is organic, gluten-free and made from ingredients you can read easily on the back of the label. Always a plus in my book! Although the products are on the expensive side, I found everything I used on a twice daily basis lasted for a good five to six months. I immediately noticed my skin was hydrated, soft and rid of blemishes after using the following products for a week. I was instantly hooked! Lemon Cleansing Milk - this cleanser has a lotion consistency and instantly left me feeling refreshed. The smell is incredible. Blackthorn Toner - after using the cleanser, this toner was the next step in my skin care regiment. My pores became a bit less noticeable while using this toner. Blackthorn Whipped Moisturizer - the grand finale, if you will. I applied this moisturizer after the toner, as well as during the day if I noticed my skin needed a little extra nourishment. All ilike products smell amazing. I highly encourage trying different varieties of your staple skin care line. I honestly can not wait to move back to a place where my face craves these products again :) Daily Skin Care Regimen Weekly Skin Care Regimen ilike Products **Always be sure to check ingredient labels to confirm products are gluten-free.