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I am Thankful :: 2017

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This will be my first Thanksgiving all on my own. After spending a month on the East Coast with family, I decided it made sense to head back to Oregon for a month, instead of staying through Christmas. 2017 has been a year filled with realized dreams, big changes, and open heart, staying healthy and, of course, countless adventures.

I am most thankful for...

Family. Despite moving clear across the country from my family six months ago, I have managed to spend nearly eight weeks with my parents and siblings. And two ladies joined our family; a beautiful sister-in-law and sweet little niece.

Big dreams. For nearly ten years, I have wanted to call Portland, Oregon home. In May, all my belongings were packed into a POD and moved across the country. Oregon, and the city of Portland, felt like home immediately. Settling in was fun and easy. My companies are also growing nicely with exciting plans for 2018.

The open road. Road trips will always be an important part of my life. I have been on epic adventures, seen unbelievable sights, met kind strangers, grown in my craft of photography, learned more about myself and opened my eyes to the life I wish to live.

A fresh start. Starting over, in a new city with a new home.