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Gratitude Journal Page :: Organized Life {Free Printable}

During the last eighteen months I have spent a bit of time focusing on the goodness in my life. I find gratitude in the big and small moments and have realized there's so much to be thankful for on a daily basis. My youngest sister recommended I start a gratitude journal about a year ago. This little journal is a place of peace, celebration, reflection and thankfulness. I love having it tucked away on my desk :) I plan to share multiple printable page options for your journal. To get started, today's printable is a full page with an area for the date in the top right corner. Write all your goodness across this page and sigh a happy deep breath at the end. It will feel wonderful, I promise :) Download the printable: BlueGreenPinkViolet Gratitude Journal Page :: Organized Life {Free Printable} :: Alaina Ann