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Gluten-Free Journey

Alaina Ann Gluten-Free Journey About three years ago, I decided to make a lifestyle change due to a few unexplained health issues. My main ailments revolved around chronic inflammation in my body and joints, as well as unresolved gastrointestinal issues, despite numerous tests and procedures. My first step was to move to a modified paleo diet. I say modified because I still consumed some dairy items (I was not prepared to give up gelato!). As luck would have it, eating a modified paleo diet helped tremendously! As time moved along, I moved toward a lifestyle that felt simple, easy and had a few rules to follow - organic, free-range, grass-fed and gluten-free. Basically, if the item did not have a mother or come from the earth, I generally did not consume it. I still purchased and consumed moderately processed foods that were both organic and gluten-free. In 2012, two immediate family members were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, explaining issues they had been trying to resolve for some time. My doctor felt it was quite possible I also had Celiac Disease, but running the blood test was problematic since I had been eating gluten-free for nearly two years. My bloodwork came back negative, only two points outside the titer. I briefly attempted to reintroduce gluten into my diet and quickly realized the repercussions were not worth a second test! I chose to continue eating gluten-free at the request of my doctor and body. That is my background! Three years into eating gluten-free, I have come across many recipes I love and snacks that are great for everyday enjoyment as well as practical while on the road and out hiking. My plan is to periodically share recipes, snacks and other resources I come across for living a gluten-free lifestyle! Requests to share recipes began to come in shortly after I created my gluten-free recipe binder :) I am looking forward to sharing this part of my life in a way that may be useful to others! Plus, good food should never be kept a secret :) **A Celiac Disease diagnosis has been confirmed since originally writing this post.**