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Farewell Ponytail

Farewell Ponytail Alaina Ann blog.png

Remember this cute post when I planned to grow my locks until October and keep shoulder length hair? Well, plans changed. Summer and humidity rolled into town and my ponytails were mailed out! I decided to go SHORT and feel incredibly refreshed with less hair :) My two eleven inch ponytails were shipped out to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Why Pantene Beautiful Lengths

  1. Wigs are provided for FREE!

  2. Recipients are cancer patients.

  3. The American Cancer Society® is a program partner.

  4. The minimum ponytail length is eight inches.

My m.o. is short hair for a year or so before growing my locks out again for the next donation. I trust 2018 will be a great year to send two more ponytails in the mail :)