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Conditioning Mist Detangler :: Gluten-Free

Conditioning Mist Detangler :: Gluten-Free :: Alaina Ann March 2016: Please read this update on gluten-free products from the Honest Company.

My hair is growing quickly and the quest to find gluten-free personal care products continues! I recently began using shampoo and conditioner from The Honest Company and love both! More on them here. As my hair grew below my shoulders, I began to notice a bit of tangle when I got out of the shower. I hate knots in my hair just as much in my 30's as I did when I was five! When my second essentials bundle was preparing to ship, I added the honest conditioning mist. I love this conditioning mist because it quickly loosens the knots, combats frizz and leaves my hair silky smooth. I did notice if I spray too much on the crown of my head, my hair gets a little weighed down. I mostly focus on the ends while spraying and use a conservative amount elsewhere. No more tears while combing ;) Use the link below to take a deeper look at the conditioning mist ingredients, benefits and reviews. Honest Conditioning Mist If you have long or short locks that love to knot, I highly recommend trying this product! For now, the only products I use in my hair are shampoo, conditioner and conditioning mist! We will see what happens when the humid summer rolls in :) Here's a personal invitation to join The Honest Company {and save $10} if you are not currently a customer! For more details on their gluten-free stance, and other information on common allergens in Honest products, visit this blog post. **Always be sure to check ingredient labels to confirm products are gluten-free.