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Body Lotion :: Gluten-Free

Body Lotion :: Gluten-Free :: Alaina Ann March 2016: Please read this update on gluten-free products from the Honest Company.

Any chance your skin is feeling/looking a little parched this winter season? Mine was miserable last year around this time. Between the dry heat coming from the vents and cold temperatures welcoming me during each departure from the house, my skin was displeased. I still recommend this gluten-free lotion and use it daily on my hands. The rest of my body, however, is satisfied with The Honest Company's face + body lotion. Minus my face, for the time being. This lotion smells and feels refreshing on my skin. And it glides on SO smoothly with no wet/oily residue. Love this stuff! Do you have a favorite gluten-free body lotion you are hooked on this winter? **Always be sure to check ingredient labels to confirm products are gluten-free.