Birthday Thoughts :: 34 Years

Birthday Thoughts :: 34 Years


Yesterday was my 34th birthday and it was pretty grand :) Many years ago I decided to age as gracefully as possible, realizing growing older is a beautiful gift. A gift I am overwhelmingly thankful for each and every year, regardless of the new number associated with my age! My special day was extended across two full days, allowing for celebrations with family and some time in nature. My parents, siblings, niece and nephews spent time with me on Sunday. We ate delicious food and cherry pie {thanks, Mom!}, ran around completing a few scavenger hunts and caught up on life. Yesterday I worked half a day {gotta pay the bills!} and then stopped by a local sunflower field on my way to Shenandoah National Park. The sunflowers are an annual tradition, when in Maryland. Shenandoah National Park fulfilled a craving for mountains and unexpected bear sightings {four to be exact}. During all these good times, my mind settled on a few thoughts for my upcoming year.

Birthday Thoughts

Keeping a journal. It's been quite some time since I jotted down thoughts daily in a journal. After realizing I already have a purple journal with over 365 pages, the decision to write down my thoughts, dreams, goals, happenings and any other goodness from life was born.

Simplifying life. Life has a way of getting complicated at times. Over the last few years, I have tried to create a lifestyle of simplicity and being organized. Calmness ensued and I plan to keep chugging along this lovely, clear path.

Making dreams a reality. You may have noticed I am a bit of a dreamer. This upcoming year will be filled with hard work and realizing a few of my most exciting dreams. To say I am looking forward to this journey is a HUGE understatement.

Travel more. Each year a few more days, sometimes weeks, are added to my travel calendar. Over the next year I would LOVE to spend a full five months on the road. My upcoming road trip will cover 65 of those days, so I am thinking this is a realistic, fun thought!

Family and friends. I am one lucky lady. The people in my everyday life are quite spectacular. Including the ones always in my heart, even if our face-to-face time only comes now and again. The last year was exceptional for hugging and catching up with great friends. Plans are already in place to keep up with all the hugs and conversations :)

Being me. There has been SO much change in my life over the last two and half years. All along, my biggest intention has been holding onto who I am, deep down to my core, never letting go. The happiness I feel now, knowing I did well by myself and stayed true to my heart, is hard to put into words. As life continues to change, I look forward to holding onto me and rejoicing each new step.

Less than one year until hitting 35. It's going to be a fantastic journey to this next milestone :)

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