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A Little Stitch Fix Review

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Stitch Fix has done it again. I kept EVERYTHING from my last two shipments. I am baffled by a complete stranger's ability to send clothing items that fit my body perfectly. Over and over again. Here's why I am pleasantly surprised with Stitch Fix:

  • Every item has a new brand name... none of which are on the "fits my body" list.

  • Most of the items were deemed NO before trying them on, and LOVING them.

  • I'm petite with curves {a lovely 12 inch difference between my waist and hips}.

  • My style is generally neutral and shies away from trendy.

  • Jeans. Perfect fit. Awesome style.


Petites. Offering petite styles is new for Stitch Fix. And I am SO glad they now cater to people with short limbs ;)

Easy. Maybe TOO easy. Clothes arrive, they fit perfectly and boom! Money spent. My effort in the process ends at undressing and dressing myself in the comfort of my bedroom. Still wearing slippers.

Elimination. When setting up your profile, you may choose styles, patterns and colors to eliminate from your next fix.

Frequency. I love choosing how often my styled fix comes in the mail. I recently moved to quarterly, receiving one fix per season.


Materials. Quite a few of my items are dry clean and hand wash only. This is not a preference, but far from a show stopper.

Price. I have found pieces are frequently on the higher end of my price bracket or a little over. Have you tried Stitch Fix?

Are you interested in giving it a go? If so, click here and sign right up! *Stitch Fix links are referral links*